Provide the psychological support to children

While the global pandemic has been a phase of psychological distress for many, we often tend to forget what impact it might have created on young minds. The little ones are way more energetic and playful than adults. And, in such times when they had to remain confined in four walls without much physical activity and contact with their friends, the impact can be even more adverse.

People came across physical as well as mental problems during this period. These problems didn’t remain confined to richer sections but affected deprived sections as well.

The low-income families who lost their jobs are inneed of monetary aid and psychological counselling. Their children witnessed the worst times during this phase. Realizing my social responsibility, I decided to organize counselling sessions for the deprived children to boost their morale. This will ensure that their mental development is not affected negatively. .

Through my initiative, One Step Forward, I want to contribute to the healthy mental development of these kids.If you want to have this joy of bringing smiles to those little faces, feel free to join my initiative. Your every small contribution makes a significant difference and puts a smile on children's faces. For further information, don't hesitate to contact One Step Forward. .