Let’s join hands to provide meals to the disadvantaged young ones for a better growth

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings. - Nelson Mandela

We all know what adverse effects hunger and malnutrition have on children's physical and cognitive development. For decades, we have been listening that hunger and malnutrition shall be eradicated. Various measures have been taken in the same direction but they failed to yield quality results. People are trying on their level to serve indigent groups. The question is what we can do for these groups and fulfil our social responsibility.

It is easy to criticize and comment on the situation but doing something to mitigate the situation is not equally easy. Instead of commenting and criticizing, I chose to bring a change by taking a small step named One Stop Forward. After receiving a few negative comments on my decision, I was fueled to prove them wrong and do something effective for the underprivileged section.

I became unstoppable as nothing could demotivate me from taking this initiative but my soft corner for those people left no stone unturned to motivate me. I had a mission to provide meals to poor young children who are hustling for bites. Today, I can do even more and my initiative went better than I expected. The joy of taking the responsibility for the nourishment of the less fortunate children is beyond explanation.

I cannot change everything, but at least I can change something and the satisfaction of changing something is what keeps me going.

If you also want to satiate your souls, One Step Forward welcomes you with a warm heart to our family.