Let your efforts help in educating the young children

Most children who live in cities are habitual of going to school either through a comfortable school bus or on cars via well-connected streets. Therefore, we cannot even think that sending our children to school can also be challenging.

Unfortunately, it is a challenge for many children living in rural areas. The roads are craggy enough to stop vehicles from travelling comfortably. At times, the school is so far away that travelling daily becomes impossible. Moreover, the school infrastructure is inadequate to accommodate students or they do not have enough tools to study.

The least we can do in matters of roads is write letters and bring the matter under the government’s concern. But we can help in other ways. We can donate books, copies and other studying equipment for students. We can make contributions to improving the infrastructure of the school, support mid-day meal schemes and much more to invite students to come to school.

Education should not remain confined as a prerogative to a specific class. Instead, it should be like a fragrance that spreads without boundaries.One Step Forward is an initiative that seeks to make education reach remote areas of tier-2 and tier-3 cities that lack the resources and infrastructure for the proper education of the children.

The esteemed mission of this initiative is to ensure that nothing should hinder the education and learning process of the Children.You can also join or contribute to helping education reach the less fortunate children. Allan Bloom quotes, “Education is the movement from darkness to light”. So, don’t refrain from enlightening the lives of these children by providing them access to education.